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How To Avoid Turning Into A Mommy Monster

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

As a mom of two kids with special needs, it's so easy to place everyone else's needs before my own. I'm the kind of person who is okay spending hours alone in a dark hole with a good book. Social interaction is very invigorating and draining at the same time for me. When my children (and my spouse) get demanding of me and my attention, I can easily become overwhelmed and overstimulated. When the feelings of overwhelm hit, I become, what I call, "Mommy Monster".

Who Is Mommy Monster?

Mommy Monster is angry and resentful. Mommy Monster is tired. Mommy Monster is in complete "fight or flight" mode, which makes it harder to relax and calm down. It causes tension with my spouse and surrounding family members. My focus is completely on myself because I was ignoring my needs for way too long and my body and soul can't take it any longer.

Does this sound familiar?

Ways To Avoid Becoming A Mommy Monster

Thanks to my education in Chinese medicine, I learned some important tools to use to help me keep Mommy Monster away.

First of all, don't skip out on rest.

Our culture in the USA puts more emphasis on productivity and regards rest as something lazy people do. A balance of yin (rest) and yang (productivity) activity during the day helps preserve your internal battery and prevents you from blowing up physically or emotionally.

For many people sleep is unobtainable because their brain is stuck in productivity mode. When they sleep, they aren't really sleeping and wake up exhausted. Proper medications or supplements can help with this. Regular massage treatments can help retrain the nervous system to switch back into the rest mode. Acu-magnets can also be used at night to calm the mind and promote sleep.

I used the power of herbs to help me deal with daily stress.

Ashwagandha, reishi, tulsi, and American ginseng are some of my favorite herbs/teas to help deal with excess stress. CBD has been helpful as well. Every herb has its own action and affects the body/mind in its own way. Find what works for you!

My one warning with herbs is just because it's natural doesn't mean it's 100% safe 100% of the time. Make sure to check any medications you might be taking for herbal interactions.

Daily exercise and movement are very valuable to help the mind and body relax.

It is beneficial in moments of intense irritability and anger. Anger is a sign of stuck energy in the body due to sluggish circulation. Movement can help promote the circulation of blood and energy and improve one's mood. Daily exercise also helps improve sleep quality.

A Quick Massage For When There Is Never Enough Time

Finally, for many of us, times are tough. Finances are tight. Gas is super expensive! Because of this, I created a category of massage for a 30-minute Headache Relief Massage for $45. Many times you don't need an entire hour to reset your nervous system. Sometimes a short block of time will do. Head massage helps bring blood and energy to the brain. It helps relax tension from the neck and shoulders. Also, the increased circulation in the head can promote healthy hair and new hair growth (extra bonus). This massage can include Acu-Magnets in strategic acupressure points to help ground the emotions and make one more resilient to stress that's going to happen the moment you get back home.

If you're looking for a way to tame your "mommy monster" schedule a free 10-minute consultation with me before your first massage. That way I can get to know you and what your goals are. We can come up with a plan to help you reach those goals and become more resiliant to what life throws at you.


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