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Here are some of the ways I can be of service to women (and men) of the Tallahassee, Florida area.

Woman getting a head massage at a spa

Headache Massage

Got headaches or migraines? This is a relaxing 30-minute massage of the neck and head regions to help improve blood flow to the head, neck, and scalp. It helps calm the nervous system, reduces pain, and promotes healthy hair growth.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a great way to bring healthy blood to the muscle tissues. By bringing fresh blood to the tissues it can promote muscle relaxation and mental/emotional relaxation. Cupping is also a great way to reduce cellulite and promote lymph flow.


Acupressure & Auricular Therapy

Did you know the ears contain hundreds of nerves that correlate to numerous parts of the body? For this reason, I love to include aucpressure in my sessions. By stimulating acupressure points on the ear, or the body, the results of a session can last longer! This is extremely helpful for anxiety, depression and pain.

gua sha back.png

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a scraping technique commonly practiced in Asian countries. It helps loosen tight connective tissue and promotes blood and qi/energy flow along the Chinese meridian pathways. This is very helpful when the skin and connective tissue surrounding the muscle feel tight and isn't responding well to regular massage therapy.

Back Massage

Massage Therapy for Women's Health

Massage therapy can benefit women's health in many ways. It helps calm the nervous system and promotes relaxation. It can be helpful for those experiencing PMS and pain associated with fibroids and endometriosis. It can help relieve constipation and promote smoother digestion. It can help with issues that come with aging such as osteoporosis, balance issues, etc. Massage is beneficial for girls and women of all ages and walks of life!

Light and Shadow Portrait

Massage Therapy for Mental Health

Today's society puts pressure on women to have a family yet maintain a job as if they don't have children. This puts a ton of undue stress on mothers who are supposed to provide financially for their families while caring for the needs of their partners and children. This causes many of us to experience heightened states of anxiety and depression. Massage paired with acupressure can help relax the body, mind, and spirit so they can recharge their internal batteries and be more resilient to daily stress.

Corporate Events


If your company is looking to employ a massage therapist in Tallahassee, FL for an event, I am available for reflexology and Acu-Magnet therapy. Please get in touch with me so we can discuss the details.

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