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Health Benefits Of Regular Massage Therapy For Seniors

Massage therapy for seniors is very important for so many reasons. Seniors go through many difficult changes in this phase of life. Due to the complexities of aging, many need the help of a team of doctors and caregivers to assist them to manage their care. Having a massage therapist on board can help slow down some of the processes of aging and provide emotional support and comfort.

Massage Therapy Can Provide A Personal Touch For Those Who Are Lonely

Many seniors can isolate themselves due to becoming widowed, losing friends and family, or being unable to get around due to chronic health issues. The isolation can cause one to become depressed and become negligent in their own care.

Physical contact is a necessity for all human beings. Touch is how we exchange energy with each other. By scheduling regular massage sessions, seniors who may live alone can receive the full attention and care of their massage therapist. And the personal touch that comes through massage can have many benefits both physical and emotional.

Physical Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Seniors

  • Increased circulation - Many seniors develop circulatory problems as they begin to become more sedentary. This can cause muscle tissues to lose their flexibility and strength. It can cause the skin and other connective tissues to become dry. By improving circulation you can keep the muscles, skin, blood vessels, and other tissues healthy.

  • Joint flexibility - By maintaining muscle integrity and balance, the joints become more stable and move with more fluidity. This can improve the overall balance and gait and help prevent falls from occurring.

  • Decrease pain - Massage is beneficial to all types of pain by increasing the condition of muscles, improving overall flexibility, and boosting circulation.

  • Improve the appearance and health of skin - Many seniors suffer from chronically dry skin, which is normal during the aging process. With regular massage therapy, the boost of circulation to the muscles and tissues also benefits the skin. The application of massage oils that absorb quickly and contain healing botanicals can also improve the tone and texture of the skin. This can prevent sores from forming that are common with chronically dry skin in elderly populations.

Other Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Seniors

  • Improved sleep patterns - Many seniors can develop unhealthy sleep patterns. This can be due to changes in hormones, medication side effects, lack of routine, depression, etc. Regular massage therapy can help regulate the nervous system to assist the client to achieve better sleep patterns.

  • Elevated mood - By receiving personal touch, and experiencing an improvement in their symptoms, many seniors can also experience better moods and emotional outlook with regular massage therapy.

At Happy Cat Pain and Stress Relief, I always go a step further for my Tallahassee senior clients. I utilize my training in Chinese Medicine to help boost the effects of the massage session. I use magnetized ear seeds to stimulate acupressure points on the ear to help reduce pain and calm the mind. I use magnetic stickers on various acupressure points on the body to also help relieve pain, boost energy, and relax the nervous system.

If you are interested in learning more about how massage therapy can help improve your lifestyle (or that of a loved one), feel free to book a free consultation with me (this can be done over the phone or in person). You can also book your first massage appointment right away. Use the discount code INTRO60 for a discounted 60-minute massage session or INTRO90 for a discounted 90-minute session (this is available for first-time clients only).


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