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Attention Tallahassee Veterans!

I have partnered with Zeel to provide massage for veterans at my Tallahassee office. If you are a veteran in the Tallahassee area with chronic pain due to your military service, and get your medical services through the VA then I can help you get your massages covered by the VA.

Why Massage for Veterans?

Most veterans who served on active duty overseas have developed long-term debilitating pain. The veterans I currently work with have multiple injuries and rely on massage to help manage their pain and stress. Massage can help relax muscles, regulate the nervous system, and reduce chronic pain.

How Do I Get My Massages Covered By the VA?

First, visit your primary care provider (PCP) at the VA and request a referral for massage. Request the massage be through Zeel and myself (Dorothy Miguel, MA 68683) as your preferred provider.

Next, your PCP will send the request to the VA. The VA will get in touch with Zeel and they will set you up with your first appointment with me.

Things To Know About Massage For Veterans

  • Your first massage session will consist of a 60-minute appointment. 30 minutes will be dedicated to an evaluation. The other 30 minutes will be for massage.

  • Most massage referrals are only approved for 12 sessions of 30-minute massages. This can be extended to 60 minutes but I need to make sure I have enough evidence through the initial evaluation to show that you will need a 60-minute session.

  • Depending on your pain levels, your appointments will most likely be set on a weekly basis for 6 weeks, then on the 6th appointment, I will have a re-evaluation to see how you are progressing.

  • After the 12th visit, I will perform another evaluation to determine if you will need more sessions. If so, I will put a request to the VA to extend the referral.

It is my absolute pleasure to serve the veteran community! Veterans have sacrificed their physical and mental well-being to serve our country. I am very grateful that the VA is allowing its patients to receive community care from complementary providers like myself. It's my goal to help you increase your range of motion, decrease pain, reduce stress, and get better sleep!

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